Of the almost eight million people who suffer with the recurring and agonizing pains of bursitis, chiropractic is fast becoming the treatment of choice. Chiropractors provide gentle treatment to correct the cause of this often disabling condition.

Bursitis can occur in almost any joint of the body, but the shoulder, elbow, hip and knee are the most common areas of involvement.

The joints have a padded sac and glands which produce a fluid for lubrication. There are four small glands around the thyroid called the parathyroids which control the calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood, bones, ligaments and joint fluids. The adrenal glands also produce cortisone which is necessary for the surface tissue of the joints.

The delicate balance of the joint fluids and coordination of movement is controlled by the nervous system which begins in the brain and continues down the spinal cord and out between the vertabrae of the spine to the glands and joints.

Occasionally, due to trauma and/or stress, muscles along the spine will contract severely enough or long enough to pull the spine out of its normal alignment, producing pressure on nerves to the glands and joints. Without the proper nerve supply to the various glands and joints, the amount of fluids, the viscosity (thickness) of fluids and slipperiness of the fluids can be affected. An example would be an automobile that is low on oil, or the oil is too thick, too thin, etc. and we drive the car at high speed or when it is very cold or for a very long distance—now we will have problems with the moving parts of the engine.

However, the comparison stops here as the automobile does not have an Innate Intelligence that can produce more oil or change the chemistry of the oil. But the human body DOES have this self-healing power functioning through our nervous system.

Once the normal nerve supply is restored to the joints, glands, and tissues through the gentle expertise of modern day Chiropractic, then “the power that created the body can heal the body.”

If you or someone you know is suffering from the discomfort of bursitis, it more than likely is a needless suffering.

Time is a friend of disease. Left untreated, bursitis can become arthritis.

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