If just getting our feet wet would cause us to come down with a cold, then we better stop bathing and taking showers!

However, if we get our feet wet, or any other part of our body, to the extent that we become chilled and then disrupt the normal function of our body, especially the eliminative system, we can then come down with a cold.

It is a proven fact that one can be in the same room with someone who has a cold, breathe in their breath, even kiss them and not “catch” their cold.

The common cold can have a number of contributing factors, but probably the most common causation is a disruption of the normal elimination of body wastes. Body wastes are eliminated through the kidneys, bowels, skin, lungs and mucous membranes.

If we overload our eliminative system with an excessive amount of congestors (flour products, sugars, cheese, chocolate, soft drinks, wine, etc.), then all the organs of elimination are pressed to get rid of this overload.

If we eat two or three times a day, then we should have two or three bowel movements a day, every day. If we don’t, then the other organs of elimination must take up the slack (kidneys, skin, lungs & mucous membranes). That is the reason why our grandmothers would give us an enema when we had a bad cold.

If the kidneys are overloaded and/or are unable to function optimally due to excessive stress, which also includes being chilled, then the body will attempt to eliminate more waste through the mucous membranes, the lungs, the skin and the bowels (diarrhea).

Here again, grandmother would give us a hot toddy made with lemon juice, which is a natural diuretic, to get our kidneys to flush and to also make us sweat. Granny was a pretty smart lady!

Nowadays, we know that if we will exercise to work up a sweat and/or take a sauna or steam bath, we can relieve our cold symptoms.

To carry this thought a little further, if the bowels, kidneys, skin and mucous membranes are unable to handle the excess wastes, the lungs will attempt to assist and the symptoms will be in the form of a chest cold or even pneumonia.

Chiropractically, we adjust the vertebrae of the spine and stimulate the nerves that supply the various organs of elimination, along with recommending no starchy foods and recommending mostly brothy soups, fresh fruits and vegetables.

In addition, to her home cures, Granny also recommended chiropractic adjustments. We do too!

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